Sabtu, 23 April 2016

Thing That I Want Changes In My Hometown

Assalamualaikum. ^_^
Hello, hay. . . hay. . .
It is likely my first time posted something in English. Yeah, I just learn how to write in English and it is not easy. Because in english is one for one, not like bahasa one for all. But, I will try my best, good luck for me. ^_^
Ini tulisan yang sederhana tak terlalu panjang, maklum saya masih pemula dalam hal menulis dalam bahasa inggris. So, here we go...

I am from Banggai Laut, central Sulawesi. I love reading books, especially novels. My dream is to build my own library for public. Since I was a child, there was no library in my hometown. But when I was in senior high school, a county library was opened. I was lucky but it was just a short time because due to a politic issue the library was closed and had been moved in a new county. Since then the library was never opened. It is so sad because reading can make you know more. There is a proverb “Book is the window of world”.

I want to change my hometown-changing the people to love book and to love reading.

Banggai Kepulauan 
 This is Togong island, in front of my hometown (i'm sorry, i can't find my hometown photo in my PC)
If you love travelling to  beautiful places that not many people know, you can come to my hometown. You can contact me and i will show you. ^_^

ah, bonus... this is my video, i take it when of the beautiful beaches in my home town... enjoy the video. Lambangan Pauno Beach

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