Jumat, 03 Juni 2016


Mei, 14 2016, 10:00 PM
That night, when rain was falling, I was waiting for someone to pick me up. Wanting to travel somewhere. Then, you came standing in front of me after  a long time. I still remember when the first time you talk to me in the afternoon two years ago. You’ve changed a little bit, maybe.  You get taller than before and you wore the same jacket in that day we first met.Smiled at me and sat beside me. Your scent still same and I like it.

After a brief silence, I sawyou trying to speak but nothing came out. I want to asked you many questions but I was afraid. You looked back at me, “ Hey, long  time no see. How are you?” I just smiled.

“That smile, I think you feel great,” and then silence again. Just Sighing and breathing sound  in the silence.

“Its cold tonight right? You said while tightened your jacket.

“Yeah, its cold. How are you?

“I’m fine as you can see.”

“Where have you been?

“Me? I haven’t go anywhere. I’m  always close to you, watching you from somewhere.”

“But, why I can’t find you?  You smile like you’re already know that I will ask that question. “Because I don’t want you to find me.” You said that like nothing happen.


“For some reason, I really want to see you but I don’t want you to rely on me excessively.”

“But, why? I have a tough time . . .”

“Yeah, I knew and you did great job to solve them.”

“So, why you’re here? You said I did a great job, you said you don’t want me to find you? You said . . .” I feel my heart is getting warmer in and pain at the same time. My eyes get cloudy.

“Because I miss you so much and I can’t handle it anymore.”

                I startled, Its  unpredictable. “I . . . I . . .”

“I saw you fight for you dream, tried your best, and at the same time you looks happy. I’ve been thinking  for a long time and decide I should’ve come to see you and here I am.”

                Night getting deep and cold. Rain fall makes sound when crashing on the ceiling. Long silence. I looked at the watch my friend gave me, its 12.00 PM, the car is late.  Our eyes caught each other . . . we just laugh.

                “I always remember when we first met.” I bravely start the conversation. “Since that day I wonder when will we meet again?

                “I know your feeling but I can’t . . . this is impossible.”

                “Yeah, I know . . . I can’t force you to.”

                A car stop in front of us, ready to pick me up. “The car is already here, I hope you will be happy in your journey.” You said that and hold my hand. “Good luck.”

               “Good luck.” I walk to the car, one step, then two steps far from you.  I looked back, I you smiling and waving at me.

                I know this is not the end because I will meet you some where when rain is falling.