Minggu, 16 Juli 2017


Cuaca masih saja dingin beberapa hari ini
Hujan turun dengan jeda berhenti yang tak mampu diprediksi
Mencoba mengingat frekuensi komunikasi terakhir kali
Apa daya hati ini ngilu.


This is my short story when the first time i know Kpop and get in to it. 

Kpop is referring to Korean Populer Contents such as Drama, Movie, Song, Music and Style. I know and watch Korean drama in my Junior High School. The first drama that i ever watched is Stairway to Heaven, a melodrama. But, it was normally. I do not get in to Kpop. In my third years Senior High School i get in to Kpop. I watched Drama Boys Before Flower which is really popular in Korea and overseas. For the first time i know Kpop song. I really like one song in that drama called Stand by Me by SHINee. I listened and tried to remember the lyrics. i really like it and started to search about  them. My first reaction when i see them is “Are they put on make up?” ‘Why they are put make up? They’re guy”, “Their make up is so thick” and bla bla bla. Until i realized, they wearing it just for their job. So, it’s okay. And later then my friend introduce me to TVXQ, Super Junior, etc. So, i know many Kpop Groups.

Everything about Kpop is really addicted. I have witness some of my friends become a Kpop fan after said a negative thing about Kpop. So, if you don’t want to become a Kpop Fan don’t bash Kpop. ^_^  They bashed it but they get curious about it. Hehehe
But, being a Kpop Fan not make me love everything about Kpop. There is some point that i don’t like. For Kpop i am not a follower who believe “love is blind”. 

It is already seven years i became a Kpop fan. Some of my friend said to me, “This is not your  time for Kpop anymore. Remember your age.”
I don’t know when will i can stop being a kpop fan. Maybe untill i meet my bias. Bias who can guide me in the world and in the beyond (read: husband). ^_^